pillar of society的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"pillar of society"造句
  • 社會的支柱
  • pillar:    n. 1.柱;紀念柱;(柱)墩,柱腳 ...
  • society:    n. 1.社會。 2.會,社;協會, ...
  • a pillar society:    正教柱石


  1. The expression of his face, the way he stood with his solid legs apart, make him a perfect pillar of society .
  2. The young people will be the pillar of society
  3. E . g . : we must nurture the children well because they are the pillars of society in future
  4. Det insp angie wright , of south yorkshire police , said after the hearing : " he was a pillar of society in terms of his occupation and his home
    南約克郡的高級警官安吉?賴特在預審會后說: “就其職業和家庭而言勞埃德都是社會棟梁。
  5. Talking about our next generation , their language proficiency is extremely awful . with these feeble future pillars of society , i am afraid hong kong will fall someday


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