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  • 流水線站
  • stage:    n. 1.講臺;舞臺;戲院,劇場;〔 ...
  • in the pipeline:    在途中, 在進行中
  • pipeline:    導管; 工藝過程; 供給系統; 管道 ...


  1. The practice of using a schema to account for the intermediate data between each pipeline stage
  2. Using pipeline technique to accomplish the most important operation in more than one stage , such as sad , which could not be finish in one pipeline stage at any cost . the on - chip memories and data path usually consume most percentage of power in media processor chip
  3. Ck510 only handles integer data and uses dhrystone , a famous benchmark for measuring integer computing performance , to evaluate its performance . in ck510 project i was in charge of iu ( integer unit ) design . iu consists of three pipeline stages : register file , execution and write back
    我的研究課題就是c - core中整數單元的設計研究,為了實現c - core的總體目標,優化整數單元的邏輯設計,探索和實現提高處理器的cpi和降低整數單元的功耗的技術是這次研究課題的主要目標。
  4. After analyzing and comparing different partition rules , md32 pipeline architecture is finally defined , which meets the required instruction function , frequency and timing spec of md32 . a complete set of creative design method for risc / dsp md32 micro - architecture is presented , such as parallel design , internal pipeline , central control , etc . thanks to the adoption of these design methodology , control path and data path are separated , circuit delay is reduced , and complex instruction operations are balanced among multiple pipeline stages
    它們將若干復雜指令操作均勻分配在幾個流水節拍內完成,實現了任意窗口尋址等復雜指令操作,將整個處理器的數據通路與控制通路分離,減小了電路時延,從而滿足了risc dsp不同指令功能和系統時鐘頻率的要求,構成了統一的、緊密聯系的、協調的md32系統結構。
  5. Mcgrath discussed many properties of pipelines , including the relative ease of auditing and debugging , the value of pipeline stage reuse , and the fact that each pipeline stage can be written using whatever programming tools are most practical - some might use sax , others dom , and still others xslt
    Mcgrath討論了管道的很多特點,包括相對容易審計和調試、管道階段重用的價值、每個管道階段可以使用最合適的編輯工具編寫,有人使用sax ,有人使用dom ,還有人使用xslt 。


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