pitch point中文

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  • 齒輪節點
  • 齒輪嚙合節點
  • 節點


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  1. The judgment condition for the involute gear pairwith fewer teeth number outside pitch point
  2. Green financial policy - the pitching point of sustained development of resources and environment in west china
  3. If regards each part as the pitch point , and draw a line in two parts that are semantically relate to another one , then we obtained a connection network
  4. At first we analyzed the optical network joins the partial wave - length variable pitch point to the network performance improvement and on how reasonable placed in wdm optical network switching nodes in order to achieve better network performance to improve the effectiveness of the study
  5. Applying the computer program developed by this paper , and choosing the real values of the gear transmission , this paper has completed more than 50 sets of calculations of the thermal elastohydrodynamic lubrication based on the non - newtonian fluid . the following conclusions can be drawn according to the computational results : 1 , when the gear teeth are engaged at the pitch point , the changes of both the gear rotational speed and the load have little influence on the pressure distribution and the film shape , but they have large influence on the film temperature distribution
    應用本文研發的計算機程序,選用齒輪傳動的實際參數,先后進行了50余組的基于非牛頓流體的熱彈流潤滑計算,所得的主要結論如下: 1 、當齒輪在節點嚙合時,齒輪轉速及載荷的變化對壓力分布口太原理工大學碩士學位論文和油膜形狀的影響不大,但對溫度分布有明顯的影響。


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