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  • planning:    n. 計劃,規劃。 an overa ...
  • act:    n. 1.行為;舉動;動作。 2.決 ...
  • town planning act:    城市規劃法規; 城市規劃條例; 城鎮 ...
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  1. Town planning act
  2. This paper delivered its views on the reform of the planning administration an d the revision of the urban planning act
  3. Article 8 after an assistance program has been approved by the executive yuan , land within the scope of its assistance that is classified as non - urban may have its use zoning altered in accordance with the provisions of article 13 of the regional planning act
  4. The new system was put into force by the army ruled government . it was a three - pillar structure in which the individual account plan acts as a mainstay . pension fund was managed by afps and superintended by safp
  5. After the procedure for the aforementioned alteration of use zoning has been completed , applications for use of converted land with an area of fifty hectares or more shall still be handled in accordance with the procedures stipulated in article 15 - 1 of the regional planning act and related laws and regulations ; and for land with an area of less than fifty hectares , shall be handled in accordance with the procedures set out in appendix 2 and appendix 3 of these regulations


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