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  1. On behalf of pockels effect of electro - optic crystals , or kerr effect , various optical addressed spatial light modulator can be developed to the realize electrically driven spatial light modulation , so as to control such transfer conditions as converging , diverging , defecting and transferring
  2. The first order nonlinear hyperpolarizabilities in second - harmonic generation process and electro - optical pockels effect are computed . the basis set effects in ab - mitio quantum - chemical computation are mainly studied . the correction to the nonlinear optical properties due to the electronic correlation energy is discussed and the relationship between the first order hyperpolarizabilities and the frequencies of the external electric field is also investigated
  3. This paper comparatively analyzes three more practical measurement methods of surface charge distribution on dielectric in vacuum environment : surface potential measurement method , electrostatic capacitive probe measurement method , pockels effect reflecting measurement method , expounds some newly researched productions , and at last puts forward some new problems to be solved in this field


    The Pockels effect (after Friedrich Carl Alwin Pockels who studied the effect in 1893), or Pockels electro-optic effect, produces birefringence in an optical medium induced by a constant or varying electric field. It is distinguished from the Kerr effect by the fact that the birefringence is proportional to the electric field, whereas in the Kerr effect it is quadratic to the field.


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