poor mud中文

發音:   用"poor mud"造句
  • 劣質泥漿
  • 劣質鉆井液
  • poor:    adj. 1.窮,貧窮的 (opp. ...
  • mud:    n. 泥,泥漿;泥淖;沒價值的東西; ...
  • be poor at:    在……比較差


  1. In this paper , the best reinforcement scheme , which was found by nerve network and genetic algorithm from serval reinforcement schemes , was applied to strengthen a prestressed concrete continuous rigid fame bridge with many quanlity faults , such as excess fall deflection of the main span deck > serious web slop crack existing between main pier abutment and one fourth span , and very poor mud jacking quanlity in the prestressing tendon tubs


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