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  • 惡劣的自然條件
  • poor:    adj. 1.窮,貧窮的 (opp. ...
  • natural:    adj. 1.自然界的;關于自然界的 ...
  • condition:    n. 1.狀態,狀況,情形;品質。 ...


  1. The whole high way bridge systems in china have certain damages for poor natural conditions , long history , overload
  2. The current situation of the human resource in the area of northwest of china and the cause of its formation . when the quantity of the human resource , its culture quality and the efficiency of its use , as well as its condition of being distributed in different industries is analyzed , the typical characteristic of the human resource in the area of northwest of china has been discovered in the following : ( 1 ) the human resource is rich in quantity and has a higherich in quantity and has a higher ; ( 2 ) its labour force has a lower quality , and the resources about science , technology and education are inequality in this area ; ( 3 ) the problem of being short of talented people is serious ; ( 4 ) the talented people now available is inequality in different industry , and the labour force mainly depends on their physical strength , and then , the cause for this phenomenon has been discovered in the following : ( 1 ) because of the local population policy , the population in this area increased rapidly ; ( 2 ) the backward economy impacts the human resource on its education and employment level ; ( 3 ) for its poor natural conditions , a closed and backward idea is formed in some peasants and herdsman ; ( 4 ) the lack of the mechanism of encouraging competition in personnel policy and scientific research field resulted in the loss of the vast number of talented people and inefficient in its use


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