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  • portable:    adj. 可搬運的;便于攜帶的;手提 ...
  • media:    短語和例子 media2 n. 1. ...
  • player:    n. 1.游戲的人;選手;〔英國〕【 ...
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  1. According to the current technology , the development of portable media player is forecasted
  2. The paper introduces the development of portable media player at first , then the parts of the portable media player , the designing is given based on the chip with arm and dsp core
    摘要文章首先介紹了便攜式媒體播放器的發展現狀,然后介紹了便攜式媒體播放器的組成,以及基于arm + dsp核心的便攜式媒體播放器的設計方案。
  3. Dsp video decoder realization , not only apply on the ip set - top box , but also can transplant to the portable media player ( pmp ) , the video conference terminal , the surveillance terminal and so on , the application scope is extremely widespread
    Dsp視頻解碼器的實現,不僅可以應用在ip機頂盒上,還可以移植到便攜式媒體播放器( pmp ) ,視頻會議終端,監控終端等,應用范圍非常廣泛。
  4. This chip , also known as low - power ddr or synchronous dram , will be more cost effective than other high - density mobile solutions and used for a wide range of advanced handset applications as well as for digital still cameras , portable media players and portable gaming products , said samsung
    三星宣稱,該芯片也即大家所熟悉的低功耗ddr或同步dram ,比其它高密度移動存儲器成本功效更高,可適用于范圍寬廣的高端手機及數碼相機、便攜媒體播放器及便攜游戲機。
  5. Tekxon technology inc . is a major provider of digital camera , digital video and pmp portable media player in taiwan which markets and distributes under the tekxon and megxon brand names worldwide . since the foundation in 2002 , tekxon technology inc . has already distributed over 35 models and 200 , 000 units of digital cameras . focusing on consumer demands and the changing technological trends , tekxon technology inc . actively introduce new and competitive products to the consumer electronics market
    舉凡搭載cmos感光元件的實用輕巧型多功能數位相機,均是領導市場的最高畫素1200萬輸出,最高畫素超炫的外型設計,超輕薄的體積,還兼具數位攝影機dv網路視訊相機web camera錄音筆及游戲機等功能于一機,均是市場上未有的先進設計。


    A portable media player (PMP), or digital audio player (DAP), is a consumer electronics device that is capable of storing and playing digital media such as audio, images, video, documents, etc. the data is typically stored on a hard drive, microdrive, or flash memory.


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