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  1. In connection with the difference and distribution characteristic of the samples in sample space rs based on dga , a new self - adapted weight fuzzy omean clustering model of fault diagnosis of the power transformer based on the potential function is proposed . meanwhile , from the aspect of geometry characteristic of fc - divided in s dimension sample space , a method is proposed for the purpose of getting an effective adjacent radius , adaptive cluster number c and original cluster center of x sample set . for the diagnosis sample x , the property measure and diagnosis rule are proposed , which under the condition of potential density function that determine c number of optimal fuzzy cluster p1
    根據以變壓器dga數據為特征量的樣本空間各樣本差異特性以及樣本在空間r ~ s的分布特性,首次提出了基于勢函數自適應加權的變壓器絕緣故障診斷的模糊c -均值聚類模型;同時,從s維樣本空間的f ~ c -劃分幾何特性出發,提出了一種求取樣本集的類勢有效鄰域半徑和自適應求取聚類數和聚類中心初值的方法;對一個待診斷樣本,設計了基于類勢密度函數意義下的屬性測度和診斷準則。


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