principle of mechanics中文

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  • 壞原理和壞零件
  • 機械原理


  1. There are many other principles of mechanics that have to be considered in concert with these features when determining what is good and bad for a swimmer
  2. From the view of the basic principles of mechanics , electricity and thermodynamics , the basic coupling equations of piezothermoelectric elastic medium were concluded
  3. And it ' s also necessary to analyze and adjust the calculation result of the programs generally based on the fundamental principle of mechanics and the code of structure design to insure the design is right
  4. This article , which unravels the principle of mechanics of materials , and clarifies hooke ' s law , and its condition found by zheng xuan , narrates points differing from yi degang ' s and discusses the problem of history of mechanics
  5. Abstract : on the basis of general principles of mechanics and critical state soil mechanics theory , a theoretical formula determining the coefficient of earth pressure at rest for cohesionless soil is derived by means of combining hypoplasticity with critical state soil mechanics . the formula has a simple form and is only related to the effective angle of internal friction of soil . there is a slight difference between the calculated value of the formula and that of other formulae . the further investigation of the formula shows that it can be used to determine the coefficient of earth pressure at rest of cohesionless soil


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