promoting region中文

發音:   用"promoting region"造句
  • 促進區
  • promote:    vt. 1.增進;提倡,發揚,助長, ...
  • region:    n. 1.地方,地域,地帶;地區;行 ...
  • digestion promoting:    促消化的; 化食的


  1. ( 2 ) though the proposals will optimize resource use and promote region development , it also can make negative influence on the ecosystem . consequently , it is essential to implement effective and timely mitigation and impact management . furthermore , eco - city is the best way for sustainable development
  2. It is have important strategic significance in chongqing ' s omnidirectional empolder to east ( the changjiang river delta and the zhujiang river delta ) and promote economic development . the building of wanzhou sub - transport junction and qianjiang sub - transport junction in east of chongqing not only have important significance in improving traffic condition of chongqing ' s northeast district and chongqing ' s southeast district and promoting region economic development , but also have important effect to allure human flow and matter flow , boost up connect function of west to east ditectional of chongqing main - transport junction


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