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  1. Surface conditions will always be a hazard in quantitative work .
  2. In order to deeply analyze the dynamical features of the nonlinear system , make sure the relationship between the movement of the system and chaos , the author does some qualitative and quantitative work
  3. The models of town land classification and land price evaluation , bring the work of town land classification and land price evaluation from the work of determining the nature to quantitative work , and make the fixed amount model more accurate reasonable , avoided the excessive and artificial and subjective factor to influence quote result with the interference
  4. The qualitative work including : research the phase trajectory of the system 、 poincare map 、 power spectral and auto - correlation . the quantitative work including : calculation of ratio of period 、 calculation of fractional dimension and coefficient of lyapunov , especially ratio of period and the maximum lyapunov exponent . the results show that chaos occurs in the movement of system


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