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  • 電信號電流
  • 靜態電流


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  1. The typical ground current ( quiescent current ) is 1ma at full load , 60 a with no load and , and less than 1 a in shutdown mode
    在滿負載條件下,靜態電流為1ma ;在空載情況下,靜態電流為60 a ;在關斷情況下,靜態電流小于1 a 。
  2. With the “ skip ” modulation technique , quiescent current are reduced to a minimized value of 1ma with full load , 60ua with no load , and less than 0 . 01ua in shutdown mode
    在典型情況下,芯片滿載時的靜態電流為1ma ,空載時的靜態電流僅為60ua ,關斷電流小于0 . 01ua 。
  3. The rt9016 performance is optimized for battery - powered systems to deliver ultra low noise and low quiescent current . a noise bypass pin is available for further reduction of output noise
  4. The current based test method can be divided into two categories , the one is quiescent current test ( iddq testing ) and the other is transient current test ( iddt testing )
    為了降低測試成本并且提高集成電路的可靠性,電流測試應運而生。電流測試技術包括穩態電流測試( iddqtesting ) 、瞬態電流測試( iddttesting )兩種方法。
  5. Quiescent current test method has been widely applied in ic industries already and transient current testing is still at the stage of studying due to its harsh requirement for apparatus and other technical problems


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