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  • 配給制,供給制。


  1. Design of gold auto - burdening rationing system based on predictive control algorithm
  2. On the basis of comprehensive analysis of present problems and characteristic of material ration system in aircraft manufacturement industry , this dissertation develop a solution of material ration management for this field . the main work of this dissertation is as follows : 1
    本論文在分析目前材料定額系統研制中存在的問題和飛機制造行業材料定額管理特點的基礎上,提出了面向行業的材料定額管理解決方案,它的主要內容如下: 1
  3. Secondly , the thesis deeply probes into the main operation systems of retailing chain enterprises such as sales operation , information system operation , materials and purchasing operation . it illustrated the above operation systems are the foundation for those retailing enterprises to realize low cost and high efficiency through analysing the purchasing system of wal - mart and materials ration system of baijia supermarket
  4. Been restricted on interest rate for long time , the domestic commercial banks are all weak in loan pricing , such as ( 1 ) the loan pricing not been involved in the decision mechanism of credit ; ( 2 ) lacking of risk price ration system ; ( 3 ) mismatching between the interest rate and the risk of the loan items


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