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  • rational:    adj. 1.理性的。 2.推理的; ...
  • allocation:    n. 1.(原料等的)分配,配給。 ...
  • resource:    n. 1.〔pl.〕資源;物力,財力 ...


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  1. Thoughts on rational allocation of resources
  2. Comprehensive budget management is an effective management model for the rational allocation of resources in enterprises and enhancing their quality , adaptability and resilience
  3. The only source of funds is picking micro communities eggs , and production of food and the soldiers are to spend some money . if all the eggs are sold , you will soon find that result , so how can a rational allocation of resources is take your mind , oh
  4. The income distribution is an essential link in social economic relations . it not only reflects the process and outcome of social re - production , but also has prominent effects on the rational allocation of resources , promotion of economic growth and social stability
  5. The main problems to settle in strategy implementation lie in the following : rational allocation of resources ; adjustment of the organizational structure ; perfection of the job performance , creation of good cultural environment for the assistance and formulation of controlling system of strategy management


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