receiver and transmitter中文

發音:   用"receiver and transmitter"造句
  • 收發機
  • 送收話器
  • 送受話器


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  1. Receiver and transmitter devices must have the same word length , the same parity and the same number of stop bits
  2. The tirem model includes environmental factors such as topography , atmospheric conditions , soil and ground conditions , and receiver and transmitter characteristics
  3. 4 . detail information about matching reply unit , bi - directional optical receiver and transmitter module for every optical node , can ask the supply technicians
    4 .為需要網管的各光節點成套配置應答器雙向光收光發模塊,詳情請向供貨方技術人員咨詢。
  4. Chapter 3 introduces technique characteristic of burst mode optical receiver and transmitter module in apon system , and proposes a method of designing 155mb / s burst mode optical receiver and transmitter module
    第3章分析了155mb / s突發式光收發模塊的技術特點,并提出了設計與實現方法。
  5. As a fabless semiconductor company that designs high - performance chipsets , so far the company is the only chip company gets funding from sarft to develop both receiver and transmitter chips , which demonstrates the strong regulatory support we get from the government authorities


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