regulating property中文

發音:   用"regulating property"造句
  • regulate:    vt. 1.規定,管制,控制。 2. ...
  • property:    n. 1.財產;資產;所有物;所有地 ...
  • regulating:    調整,調節; 蝶的
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  1. Legal research on antimonopoly law regulating property right license
  2. Property law of china is a comprehensive code regulating property rights , their uses and protection to these rights
  3. Do the four cases that we have studied for class 5 offer a coherent vision of the role of the state in protecting and regulating property rights
  4. Based on introduction and comparison of charter school and private management of public schools in the united states of america , and education action zone in the united kingdom in terms of property right management , this thesis analyzes and assesses property rights management and its impact on teacher resource , teaching and learning , and other dimensions from the perspective of educational economics . the author hopes that regulating property rights management of converted schools alike could enhance holistic management of school , and thus provide an effective substitute for future educational reform and diversity
    通過分析、比較美國“特許學校” 、公校私營,以及英國教育行動區等民營化學校在產權管理方面的經驗,從教育經濟學的角度對產權的管理以及由此對師資、教學等維度產生的影響進行分析、評價,規范此類學校的產權管理模式,借以促進學校在師資、教學等方面的管理,為今后的教育改革、教育多元化提供一類有效的選擇。


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