residence zone中文

發音:   用"residence zone"造句
  • 住宅區
  • residence:    n. 1.居住,居留;駐在;居住期間 ...
  • zone:    n. 1.【地理】(地)帶。 2.區 ...
  • in residence:    住校, 駐在的


  1. Gaolang qiao : formation of workers ' residence zone of a cotton spinning mill in eastern shanghai from 1914 to
  2. Possible property management modes and solutions to be applied in residence zone without property management service
  3. As to the heat source selection for a new residence zone in beijng , compares some plans from the aspects of technology , economics , environment protecting and operation and put forward a favouring plan of dispersing heating
  4. Led underwater light is now widely used as the decoration lighting in fountain of park , pool of walking street , music fountain of residence zone , brook , water project of plaza , swimming pool of villa , aquarium and so on
  5. This paper starts with the application of intelligent control of residence zone , explains how to design a lonworks node in details , including the design of software and hardware , with some successful examples . it also presents a series of way to connect lonworks network with other networks and explains them with comparison . with a simple example , it introduces the dde and the design of application software


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