resolving system中文

發音:   用"resolving system"造句
  • resolve:    vt. 1.(使)下決心,決議。 2 ...
  • system:    n. 1.體系,系統;分類法;組織; ...
  • resolving:    解析過程
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  1. Automatic control function have been realized by means of pid control algorithm of separation integral in the control parts , resolve system instability
  2. To overcome their weakness , a kind of improved distributed architecture and domain - based ontlogcial naming and ontology name resolve system named ontology name service ( ons ) have been proposed
  3. 2 . the paper studies some relevant theories and schemes to resolve system of application support tool in process resource management system of product - oriented capp , designs and develops process resource system . 3
  4. Because of complex system , so building simulation module to resolve system . gaining single and joint irrigation areas operation results in different level year and different frequency , so as to realize rational distributing water resources
    通過模擬實際計算,得到不同規劃水平年2005 、 2015年在50 、 75以及95的情況下單灌區調度和聯網調水的結果,以期實現對水資源的合理調配。
  5. From three aspects such as basic law theory , the procedure of concluding and changing or terminating dispute resolving system , the thesis try a theoretical analysis by comparison and history research means on ca , which is a hot and difficult problem nowadays . part 1


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