retaining circuit中文

發音:   用"retaining circuit"造句
  • 保持電路
  • retain:    vt. 1.保留;保持;保有;維持。 ...
  • circuit:    n. 1.(某一范圍的)周邊一圈;巡 ...
  • retaining:    保留; 防衛的


  1. In the design of the circuit of hardware , the paper choose the suitable signal sensor , rationally designing the signal enlarging circuit by programme - controlled and signal filter circuit designing the sampling at datas / retaining circuit and hardware communications based on rs - 485 network . combining with software - controlled it select the integrated gathering - card of a / d datas of the high accuracy for the 12th precision , which simplify software programmings and have higher flexibility and can extensible
    在硬件電路的實現上,選擇了合適的信號傳感器:合理設計了信號程控放大電路和濾波電路;數據采樣保持電路和現場基于rs - 485網絡結構的硬件通信系統;結合軟件控制選用了12位高精度的a d集成數據采集卡,使軟件編程簡化且具有較高的靈活性和可擴展性。
  2. For the hardware , the device is an advanced data acquisition and parallel processing system required specifically by real - time signal monitoring in power system . a multi - channel sampling and retaining circuit , which makes it possible to acquire and transform data synchronously , is designed . to make the application of the device more flexible , two communication methods are offered , i . e . rs - 232 communication and ethernet communication
    硬件設計方面,根據電力系統中數據采集和處理的實際特點,設計了信號的多通道采樣保持電路,實現了多路信號的同步采樣和快速轉換;為了提高裝置應用的靈活性,系統在通訊方式上,除了采用常用的rs - 232通訊方式,還提供了以太網通訊方式。


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