rule file的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"rule file"造句
  • 規則文件
  • rule:    n. 1.規則,規定;法則,定律;章 ...
  • file:    n. 1.銼刀。 2.〔英俚〕滑頭。 ...
  • a rule:    那是極平常的一件事; 通常照例


  1. This will install the selected pics rules file into the content advisor feature of internet explorer
  2. At the same time , the rules filing system and the regulations on administrative consideration must be strictly implemented and the acts of illegally setting and implementing administrative punishments shall be rectified without delay
  3. In this part , many protocols are analyzed ( from datalink layer to network layer ) . in this sniffer , you can log your lan traffic through rule files , which describe the rules , such as protocol type , port number and ip address . with the help of this sniffer you can find valuable information
    在本網絡嗅探器中通過設置相應的規則(例如:指定相應的協議類型、端口號、 ip地址等)可以記錄流經本局域網上指定ip地址的數據,為用戶分析網絡情況、發現入侵提供依據。


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