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  1. Low tension and speed are adopted in warping , suitable amount of anti - static agent is added in sizing and side heald frames for satin fabric are located on the position of page 1 , 2 to reduce the reed mark
    整經應采用小張力,低車速;漿紗時加入適量抗靜電劑,并使用后上蠟;緞紋織物邊綜框放在第1 、 2頁位置,以減輕筘路。
  2. The article aims at meeting a successful weaving of pure cotton fine count and high density satin fabric on new - type air jet loom by using better sizing compatibility of pva , modified starch and acrylic size based adopting processing route of high - pressure & high - concentration & low - viscosity to improve sizing permeability and coverage , increase abrasion - proof , reduce hairiness and to clear shedding
    摘要利用pva 、變性淀粉、丙烯漿料各組分之間良好的溶性,采用“兩高一低”上漿工藝路線,以改善漿紗的浸透與被覆增加耐磨,貼伏毛羽,提高開口清晰度,來滿足純棉高支高密貢緞織物在新型噴氣織機上的織造要求。


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