saw band中文

發音:   用"saw band"造句
  • 鋸帶
  • saw:    n. 1.鋸,鋸機。 2. 【動物; ...
  • band:    n. 1.隊,團,群;(盜賊等的)幫 ...
  • band saw:    帶鋸。


  1. I know music . come on , i see bands
  2. " tooth set " means the alternating lateral bending of saw teeth . it enables the saw band to cut freely
  3. She struggled out to see bands , or visit restaurants with friends , where she would order meals which she left untouched
  4. The travellers several times saw bands of ferocious indians , who , when they perceived the elephant striding across country , made angry and threatening motions
  5. Ive always loved music and spent a lot of time going to clubs and seeing bands in college , but i cant see how i ever would have ended up booking bands had i stayed in the u . s


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