sea bathing中文

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  • sea:    n. 1.海;海洋;內海;大(淡水) ...
  • bathing:    n. 1.游泳;洗海[河、湖]水澡。 ...
  • sea-bathing:    海水浴
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  1. The mediterranean sea bathes the shore of italy
  2. 5kms to the railway station . it is within walking distance to the huanghai sea bathing beach
  3. It is in possession of fine ecological resources , ports and bays , the gigantic wind energy and the unique tourist and aquatic resources . the beach area good for tourism reaches over 2 million square meters . qing ao bay , a shallow sea bathing beach is one of the two class a bathing beaches of guangdong . and is a tourist holiday area at the provincial level ; huanghua mountain is opened as state island forest park ; cultural relics have been discovered in 80 places on the island
    擁有優良的生態資源、港灣資源、巨大的風能和得天獨厚的旅游及水產資源,可供旅游開發的沙灘面積達200多萬平方米,質地優良的淺海灘游泳場- -青澳灣,是廣東省兩個a級沐浴海灘之一,是省級旅游度假區;黃花山辟為國家海島森林公園;島上已發現的文物古跡有80多處。


  1. bathing in the sea or ocean


    Sea bathing is swimming in the sea or in sea water and a sea bath is a protective enclosure for sea bathing. Unlike bathing in a swimming pool, which is generally done for pleasure or exercise purposes, sea bathing was once thought to have curative or therapeutic value.


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