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  • 次生粘土
  • 次性粘土


  1. The main results are following : ( 1 ) the variation of clay / silt ratio can indicate the secondary clay action of dust depositions ; the variations of magnetic susceptibility and total fe content are inferred to be records of the changeable intensity of bio - pedogenesis ; the variations of sr content and rb / sr ratio can indicate bio - pedogenesis , dissolving and leaching action ; the content of total organic carbon ( toc ) can reflect variation of climate and vegetation during soil formation , it indicates the intensity of weathering and bio - pedogenesis ; the content variation of caco3 can show the intensity of dissolving - leaching action and secondary deposit , which was noted as pseudomycilia in pores and fissures in the sediment , so it can indicate the intensity bio - pedogenesis quite well . these proxy indexes also reflect obvious regional difference of pedogenic environment and the intensity bio - pedogenesis ; namely , secondary clay action , dissolving - leaching action and bio - pedogenesis are all much stronger in south than that in north
    實驗結果表明:粘粒粉沙比值能很好地指示粉塵堆積物的次生粘化作用;磁化率和全鐵很好地指示生物風化成壤作用; sr和rb sr比值能很好的指示生物風化成壤作用和淋溶作用;總有機碳( toc )含量的高低,在一定程度上反應了土壤發育過程中氣候和植被狀況的變化,指示著成壤過程中腐殖質化的程度; caco3含量的變化,可以反映了黃土古土壤形成時的風化成壤作用的強弱程度,指示成壤過程中的淋溶作用和次生碳酸鹽化作用;并且各指標所指示的成壤環境和成壤強度存在明顯的區域差異,即渭河流域土壤的生物風化成壤作用、次生粘化作用和淋溶作用均表現出南部強于北部。


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