secure real-time transport protocol中文

發音:   用"secure real-time transport protocol"造句
  • secure:    adj. (-curer; -cur ...
  • real:    短語和例子 real2 n. 1.( ...
  • time:    n. 1.時,時間,時日,歲月。 2 ...
  • transport:    vt. 1.運輸,運送,輸送。 2. ...
  • protocol:    n. 1.議定書;調查書,始末記。 ...
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  1. Built upon the project designing voip terminal based on coldfire platform , my task is designing two protocol modules : the secure real - time transport protocol ( srtp ) and multimedia internet keying ( mikey ) , and then implements them on target platform
    本課題是在“基于coldfire平臺的voip終端設計”項目背景下,設計并實現該項目中的兩個協議模塊:安全的實時傳輸協議srtp和多媒體互聯網的密鑰協議mikey 。


    The Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (or SRTP) defines a profile of RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol), intended to provide encryption, message authentication and integrity, and replay protection to the RTP data in both unicast and multicast applications. It was developed by a small team of IP protocol and cryptographic experts from Cisco and Ericsson including David Oran, David McGrew, Mark Baugher, Mats Naslund, Elisabetta Carrara, James Black, Karl Norman, and Rolf Blom.


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