seeding machine中文

發音:   用"seeding machine"造句
  • seed:    n. (pl. seed(s)) 1 ...
  • machine:    n. 1.機(器),機械;機關,機構 ...
  • seeding-machine:    n. 播種機。
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  1. Manufacture and study on precision furrowing and seeding machine 2bd - 7 type
  2. It is of great economic and academic value to research and develop microproces sor - controll ed precision corn seeding system for the design of new toe pr ' ecision seeding machine and for improving seeding quality at complicated sdrice condihons
  3. This paper introduces the current development , structure principles and functional characteristics of wheat no - till fertilizing and seeding machine , and analyzes on the test of no - till seeding machine adapting to the wheat , corn and other crops with small grains
  4. From april 28 to may 2 , dr . mclaughlin and dr . li yuxia , a canadian conservation agricultural expert from the china - canada agricultural development program , inspected the institutes dehui experimental base , provided on - site guidance for the project research team over the seeding in the conservation farming , and offered specific guidance and assistance to the problems with the zero - tillage seeding such as debugging of kinze 3000 a zero - tillage seeding machine introduced from the u . s . a . , seeding , fertilizing and stalk treatment
    4月28日5月2日, neil博士和李玉霞博士中加農業發展項目保護性農業專家對我所德惠實驗基地進行了考察,現場指導課題組進行保護性耕作的播種,對試驗過程中免耕播種機kinze 3000 imported from usa的調試播種施肥秸稈處理等方面存在的問題給予了具體的指導和幫助。


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