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  • 苗床
  • seedling:    n. 【植物;植物學】 1.種子繁殖 ...
  • bed:    n. 1.床,床鋪;床位,鋪;(動物 ...
  • cold bed rice seedling:    水田冷床苗


  1. The technique of heat preservation and moisture holding was mainly applicated to the management of rice seedling bed
  2. The text introduced concretely at present home the most advanced technology in floating system including the preparing of nurturing lymph , the selection and facture of seedling bed , the formulation substrate and dedicated fertilizer , seeding , the fertilizing and administration in lymph pool , and so on
  3. It carried out five saved , the first was saving rice seed , the second was saving the fertilizer used to foster seedling , the third was saving the plastic film and the land used as seedling bed , the fourth was saving the works to foster seedling and rice planting , the last was saving the resource of water
    采用乳芽直播種植技術直接節省成本投入825r工江b / hmz ,做到了“四省” :一省育秧化肥;二省塑料薄膜和秧田占地;三節省育苗、插秧工;四省水資源。


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