segmentation and reassembly中文

發音:   用"segmentation and reassembly"造句
  • 拆分和組裝
  • 分段與重組
  • 分段與組裝


  1. Teleservice segmentation and reassembly
  2. Segmentation and reassembly
  3. Also , to achieving stability , internal speedup is needed . compared to fixed length switch , by supporting variable length packet switch , there is no need for segmentation and reassembly circuits , and no speedup is necessary to support sar . this dissertation first studies variable length packet switch in unbuffered crossbar
  4. Secondly , the paper describe the principle of atm network , and the function of ' sar " ( segmentation and reassembly ) and the format of packet aal5 , and introduce the basic idea of ipoa , and the design project and implementing of the control chip . later , the paper introduce the logic function and operational principle of packet buffer control chip and prove the feasibity and correctness of the arithmetic . at last the paper introduce crc - 32 arithmetic based on look up and implement it with hardware
    接著詳細論述了核心路由器atm網絡實現的原理,包括“ sar ” ( segmentationandreassembly )功能和aal5報文的格式, ipoa基本思想,以及控制芯片的設計方案和實現途徑等。然后又論述報文緩存區控制芯片的工作原理和邏輯功能等,并對算法的可行性,正確性等進行論證。最后介紹了一種基于查表的crc - 32算法的原理及其硬件實現。


    Segmentation and Reassembly refers to the process used to fragment and reassemble variable length packets into fixed length cells so as to allow them to be transported across Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks or other cell based infrastructures. Since ATM's payload is only 48 bytes, nearly every packet from any other protocol has to be processed in this way.


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