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  • 1.投影掩模;障板。
  • shadow:    n. 1.(陰)影;影像;陰暗;黑暗 ...
  • mask:    n. 1.假面具,偽裝,掩蔽物;面罩 ...
  • apertured shadow mask:    影孔板


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  1. Like a shadow masking his view ,
  2. A new colour crt without shadow mask are introduced in this paper . its structure , operating principle and properties are discussed here . the developed model tube is also described
    摘要介紹了一種新型無蔭罩彩色crt ,對其結構、工作原理及特性作了討論,并對已研制出的樣管作了說明。
  3. Ultra high quality and high performance pre - computed shadow masks allow offline processing of static light interactions , while retaining fully dynamic specular lighting and reflections
  4. A new method for measuring the vibration of shadow mask without touch by detecting the light density with reflection type optical fiber sensor is presented . the measurement system based on the new method is designed to make the vibration measurement easier working , faster calculating , and get more precise results . it is an important measurement and analysis tool to improve the performance of shadow mask and display quality of cpt
    本文提出了基于單光纖光強度反射法的非接觸式微振動測量系統的原理,并設計制造了該測試系統,探索出了簡單方便可靠的測量方法,能夠準確客觀地反映蔭罩振動的各項參數(各振動模的振動頻率、振幅、衰減時間) ,實現了測試裝置的簡便化和測試過程的自動化,為cpt張緊式蔭罩系統的性能改進與顯示質量的提高提供了有效的測試分析手段。
  5. Part 2 analyses beam landing shifts made by thermal deformations of a shadow mask and vibration of a new type of shadow mask - aperture grille . an automatic measurement system for cpt decolorization and a vibration measurement system for aperture grille are established . part 3 analyses the difference of perception and discrimination to color between the human eyes and ccd system , and develops a new method based on ccd technology to evaluate the screen white - balance
    主要內容分為三部分: ( 1 )分析著屏電子束分布與電子槍、偏轉系統及蔭罩之間的關系,研制自動測試裝置,為設計和改進相關結構提供依據; ( 2 )分析蔭罩熱變形和振動對顯示屏色純度影響,建立了色純漂移自動測試裝置和張緊式蔭罩振動測試系統; ( 3 )分析了人眼與ccd對彩色刺激的不同響應,建立了基于ccd的顯示器全屏色純均勻性測試方法。


    The shadow mask is one of the technologies used to manufacture cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions and computer displays that produce color images. Another approach is the aperture grille, better known by its trade name, Trinitron.


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