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  • sister:    n. 1.姊,妹。 2.情同手足的女 ...
  • group:    n. 1.群;批,簇。 2.集團,團 ...
  • a sister:    一個姐姐
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  1. ( 3 ) in the molecular cladogram , euchiloganis forms a sister group with pareuchiloglanis , and pseudecheneis forms a sister group with glyptostemum - , the phlogenetic positions of pseudecheneis and exo
  2. But the interrelationships among these genera remain uncertain until now . a great quantity of features recognized in dromaeosaurids supports the view that dromaeosauridae is the sister group of avialae
  3. The phylogenetic trees promulgate that : ( a ) est traits significantly differ between different generic taxa and between different species in the same genus , ( b ) similarity degree of est traits between different taxa is not correlative to that of morphological characters . some morphological taxa in traditional classification are not monophyletic group , ( c ) relationship among subfamilies based on est characters is somewhat compatible to intrafamily phylogeny proposed by schuh ( 1976 ) , but it is clear that orthotylinae and phylinae are not directly sister grouped
    分析結果表明( 1 )酯酶同工酶酶譜特征在不同屬級單元之間以及同屬的不同種類之間都存在著明顯的差異: ( 2 )不同屬種之間酯酶同工酶特征的相似程度與外部形態特征之間的相似程度不一致性,以外部形態為主要依據的傳統分類的一些屬不是真正的單系群。
  4. The complete nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial genome of f . limnocharis was detailedly compared with those of 5 other amphibians . the nucleotide sequences of 22 trna encoded by 6 amphibians mitochondrial genomes were combined and aligned to the homologous sequences of the 11 veterbrate taxa . using teleosts as outgroup , the phylogenetic analyses results show that mp , nj and ml trees all strongly support the monophyly of living amphibians with respect to other living tetrapods and favor a sister group relationship for caecilians and salamanders
    我們在測定了澤蛙線粒體全基因組序列的基礎上,與已知其它的5種兩棲類進行詳細的比較分析,同時選擇了11種高等脊椎動物的線粒體全基因序列,以硬骨魚類做外群,用22個trna基因合并數據進行系統發生重建分析,結果表明mp 、 nj和ml樹都強力地支持現生兩棲類動物為單系群并且蠑螈類和蚓螈類為姐妹群關系(自引導值分別為92 、 99 、 100 ) 。
  5. ( 3 ) the position ofcoleonyx as the sister group of the other genera , holodactylus and eublepharis is different from most of previous results ; ( 4 ) our results support the hypothesis that the early eladogenesis of the gekkota was associated with the split of eastern gondwanaland from western gondwanaland . divergences within living genera in the eublepharidae . and the eastern gondwana lineages ( diplodactylidae , pygopodidae and carphodactylidae ) may be older than those in the gekkonidae
    Dpctylidae人( 3 ) g金虎科三個屬之間的關系為( oleol7n ( mlo由ctrlus十伽7郵ar d ) ,與此前大部分研究結果不同; k )支持壁虎類蝴蝎早期分化與東、西岡瓦納古陸的分裂相關的假說,現存瞼虎科和東部岡瓦納分支(刺尾虎科、鱗腳虎科和基趾虎科)的分化時間可能較壁虎科為早。


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