sister hong中文

發音:   用"sister hong"造句
  • 紅嫂
  • sister:    n. 1.姊,妹。 2.情同手足的女 ...
  • hong:    n. 〔漢語〕(中國、日本的)行,商 ...
  • a sister:    一個姐姐


  1. Sister hong treated me like her daughter . she gave me master s books and videotapes to read and watch , which comforted my saddened heart . then i switched to a vegetarian diet and decided to get initiation
  2. Because of the toil and struggle in my life , i developed a lump in my abdomen . at the time of surgery , i felt nervous , but suddenly i remembered what sister hong told me : " you can pray to master for anything .
  3. I did not know then that ten years later , i would be divorced and close down my business . so now with a broken heart , together with my son and daughter , i went back to sister hong and continued to work in her beauty salon , which made me feel as if i had gone back to the old days


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