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  • 江姐
  • sister:    n. 1.姊,妹。 2.情同手足的女 ...
  • a sister:    一個姐姐
  • jiang:    豆漿; 姜姓; 江姓; 蔣


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  1. Narrated by sister jiang from mainland china and recorded by a quan yin messenger
  2. Sister jiang believes that master saved her house as a piece of " pure land " so that the victims could have a bathroom to use , a spot to pitch their tents , and some pure water to drink
  3. After the early morning earthquake of september 21 , 1999 , the most severely damaged spot along fontsing road was a mere two hundred meters from sister jiang s house . when she looked around , she was shocked : buildings were leveled ; families were ruined ; twisted roads rose above the ground to a height of a two - story building . on the 60 - meter wide fontsing road , not one inch remained that could be walked upon
  4. Soon after the earthquake , sister jiang received a call from mrs . hwang , who told her that when the quake began , together she and her husband had prayed to master for help , then they led their three children , aged seven , five and three years , downstairs through a broken stairwell , crawling out to safety through a hole that was formed when a metal door had been crushed and twisted . mrs . hwang expressed her gratitude for these arrangements that seemed to have been made especially in order for her family to escape . even though her house lay in ruins , she decided to be initiated as soon as her family was resettled
  5. As many people began to seek refuge at her house , she took out all her warm clothes to offer them . stepping into her house , many people exclaimed : " inside your house is heaven ; outside is hell . " later , when fellow initiates visited sister jiang s home , they were surprised to find that her house had become a shelter for the quake victims


    Sister Jiang (江姐 Jiang jie)is a 1964 Chinese-language western-style opera based on the real life death of Sichuan revolutionary martyr Jiang Zhuyun.Chongqing & The Three Gorges - Page 97 Kim Hunter Gordon, Jesse Watson "...


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