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  • 可磁化對象


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  1. By unpacking the zipped file immediately , there is no need for additional disk space on the endpoint for the . spb file
    通過立即解壓縮文件,在終點處就不需要為. spb文件準備額外的硬盤空間。
  2. Spb - fwm forms the charge grating in fe - ion deep trap , while tir - fwm builds up the charge grating in the ce - ion deep trap
    Spb - fwm形成了fe離子深能級上的載流子光柵,而tir - fwm形成了ce離子深能級的載流子光柵。
  3. A pocket pc platform spb airislands is rich in architecture strategy game pc game of the merits of such a predicament , and more suitable for the pocket pc game performance
    2 . 69 mb軟體類型游戲軟體描述一款為你的ppc帶來基于原始的博彩類游戲spaceinvaders的游戲。
  4. Spb time is the one that would support the replacement of the skin pocket pc clock tool software analog and digital clock protocol , the long - time , timer , hutchison and stopwatch functions when combined
    2 . 85 mb spb time是一款應可以支持更換皮膚的pocket pc時鐘工具軟件,模擬和數字時鐘制式,多時區時間顯示,定時器,記時和秒表功能相結合
  5. 5 . experiment about researches on sppc totally internal reflection mechanism were done when ce : batio3 is performed in cw titanium laser at 790nm wavelength . we compared the grating decay of tir mechanism with that of spb - fwm mechanism


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