strike fault中文

發音:   用"strike fault"造句
  • 【地質學;地理學】走向斷層。
  • strike:    vt. (struck; struc ...
  • fault:    n. 1.過失,過錯;罪過,責任。 ...
  • fault strike:    斷層走向


  1. The intersection regions of the penglai - weihai fault zone with ne striking fault zones are considered to be the likely places for the future medium to strong earthquakes
  2. The results indicate : ( 1 ) the distribution of magmatic rocks shows the feature that in the middle and western part of the study area basic igneous rocks dominate , and in the middle - eastern part intermediate rocks are predominant , while in the southeastern part acid ones are developed . ( 2 ) in the area west to the shiwandashan basin , intermediate magmatites were controlled by deep ne - striking and nw - striking faults , especially at the conjunction site of these two group faults , magmatic activity was strong ; and its tectonic background can be attributed to extensional continental rift


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