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  • synoptic:    n. 〔常 S-〕以共同觀點敘述的福 ...
  • gospel:    n. 1.福音;【基督教】 〔G-〕 ...
  • the gospels:    福音
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  1. It is commonly thought that jesus preached for a period of three years , but this is never mentioned explicitly in any of the four gospels , and some interpretations of the synoptic gospels suggest a span of only one year
  2. Based on the unusual similarities and differences ( see synoptic problem ) between the synoptic gospels - matthew , mark and luke , the first three canonical gospels - many biblical scholars have suggested that oral tradition and logia ( such as the gospel of thomas and the theoretical q document ) probably played a strong role in initially passing down stories of jesus , and may have inspired some of the synoptic gospels
    基于對觀福音書? ?馬太福音、馬可福音和路加福音,這頭三本規范福音書之間的這些與眾不同的相似性和差異性(看看對觀福音書的問題) ? ?很多圣經學者已經暗示了口傳和《圣經》上未記載的耶穌語錄(例如是《多馬福音》和q版福音) ,很可能在最初流傳的耶穌故事中扮演著強大的角色,也許還啟示了一些對觀福音書。


    The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are referred to specifically as the Synoptic Gospels because they include many of the same stories, often in the same sequence, and similar wording.New Testament Theology by Paul Haffner 2008 ISBN 88-902268-0-3 page 135A Guide to the Gospels by W.


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