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讀音:   用"ta in"造句
  • 丹寧
  • ta:    TA =transactional ...
  • ta:    Ta =【化學】 tantalum. ...
  • ta or:    塔沙緯向條紋薄呢; 西裝師傅


  1. Study and application of separation - preconcentration of trace nb and ta in geological samples with p204 extraction resin
  2. Although the role of tas in running clubs is important , the objective is to ensure they gain enough experience and confidence in teaching eap to be able to progress up to a full teaching position within one or two years
  3. In chapter one , the author takes the essence of the enterprise information and the methods to realize the enterprise information into consideration in order to explore the problems that how business intelligence make the enterprise acquirement and maintenance of its competition advantages in this information society come into reality . in chapter 2 , it tells the system structure of the application of business intelligence and the three previous core techniques and argues the key factors of the practice of the business intelligence . in the three following chapters of the paper or thesis , by analyzing the present information conditions in tobacco industry of yunnan province , the author applies the techniques relevant to business intelligence to develop the analytic system of the economic operation in yunnan tobacco industry , analyze the varied data structure , and build up data integration platform and center warehouse to realize the concentration administration of all the da ta in order to be apt to realize the data multi - dimensional show of the decision analysis
  4. This composition is not disputing the necessity of urban plaza construction in our country or how could we create a formally beautiful plaza . its destination is to discuss that , after analyzing some constructed plaza and based on the citizen ' s requirements , how can we improve the design of urban plaza which plays a important role in our daily life . the study object limits in the modern city plaza of some capital cities in china . at first , we can define the background of modern plaza ' s appearence and the function of it through analyzing modern plaza ' s evolution . second , explain the existing problem of urban plaza at the present stage of our country . at last , through study of urban plaza ' s conformation , analyzing of some examples and research of north square of da yan ta in sian , we can summarize some designing trends of the modern city plaza in china , and more , provide corresponding suggestion to amend some existing defects


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