tacit agreement中文

發音:   用"tacit agreement"造句
默契, 默示協議
  • tacit:    adj. 1.緘默的;不發表意見的; ...
  • agreement:    n. 1.一致,同意。 2.契約;協 ...
  • tacit acceptance:    默示的承諾
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  1. The committee give its tacit agreement to the proposal
  2. In the tacit agreement of husband and wife to keep their estrangement a secret they behaved as would have been ordinary
  3. Serve custoner together by two technicians . pass xir the skill with consistent tune , the coordination of tacit agreement , make body go through luo even unfold . angry blood link up , reach health proteon keep hhealth purposa
  4. By comparison , the post - 1967 riots hong kong was a relatively calm and stable society . in a sense , the people and the government came into a kind of tacit agreement to concentrate on economy and leave politics aside
  5. The results show that this case teacher ' s teaching in this " force and motion " unit can be divided into three stages as tacit agreement building , inquiry activity and product creation during which periods the effective communication , context arrangement and creative product design are emphasized from the perspective of " problem diagnosis and perception "


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