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  • 技術中心
  • technique:    n. 1.(專門)技術;(藝術上的) ...
  • center:    n. 1.中心;中心點;圓心;中央; ...
  • center:    n.,vt.,vi. 〔美國〕=ce ...


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  1. Ruyi group has the right of imports and exports autonomy , the technique center of national - level enterprise and post - doctor s work station
  2. Therefore , more and more automobiles factories have attached importance to the vehicles experiments . the technique center of china first automobile group company carries on the vehicles experiments frequencely every year . so it has produced lot of experiment data and results
  3. Many honoured guests participated in this conference , including mr . lu ruhai , mr . xu xuru , mr . han li and ms . tang li from microsoft technique center of chengdu , mr . zhang chunyong from microsoft ( china ) co . , ltd . and the president and vice - president of mstc of si chuan university
  4. Technical personnel running off and low enthusiasm are the problems existed in dalian crane works technique center . the article aim at the current inspirational mechanism , analyzing the reason , working out effective inspirational mechanism and discussing the feasibility . the article analyzing modern inspirational theories including content , course and integration mode
  5. The meat technology centre of bangjie group has more than 100 professional and technical personnels now , among them with 62 middle - and - high - ranking peoples , doctor no . 1 , 15 professors . it has a whole set of perfect scientific equipments for research , experiment , testing . the technique center is asserted for " provincial enterprise technique center " by the economic and trade commission of henan province , general office of finance in 2001


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