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  1. As a new kind of data analysis technique data mining develops fast
  2. All you need to do is to edit style control program ( technique data ) , you can get bright and colorful towel , turkish towel , decorating cloth , etc
    只需編輯花型控制程序(工藝數據) ,即可織出絢麗多彩的緞檔、緞邊小提花毛巾、浴巾、色織物、裝飾布等。
  3. Property has parameters that match . concurrency control is a technique data stores use to control how data is read and changed in the store when multiple clients are accessing and manipulating the same data
  4. Through the statistics of technique data of chinese men ' s basketball team at the 28th olympic games , this paper makes a comparative analysis of techniques and strategies in attacking an defending of the chinese team and those of the other seven teams and proposes countermeasures and suggestions
  5. The construction of the bridge began in oct 1999 , and the closing up of the steel tube was in dec 2000 . during that period , i learned and analyzed the current construction methods fairly comprehensively , and collected the construction technique data of the cfst arch bridges having been built . based on this , aided by the simulation of construction procedure using finite element program , i proposed the operation program to make the steel tube segment be located at one time , and the scheme of dividing rooms to segment pouring
    大橋于99年10月開工, 2000年12月主橋鋼管合龍,在此期間,本人就目前鋼管混凝土拱橋的施工方法進行了較全面的了解和分析,搜集了此類已建橋梁的施工技術資料,在此基礎上,又借助有限元程序對施工過程模擬計算的支持,提出了在梅溪河大橋懸臂安裝過程中,鋼管節段一次就位的操作程序和鋼管混凝土分倉灌筑的方案,并為施工單位采納應用。


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