the endocrine system中文

發音:   用"the endocrine system"造句
  • 內分泌系統
  • endocrine:    adj. 內分泌的,內分泌腺的,激素 ...
  • system:    n. 1.體系,系統;分類法;組織; ...
  • endocrine system:    第十二章 內分泌系統; 內分泌系統


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  1. This organ is part of the immune system , as well as being part of the endocrine system
  2. They have caught the skeleton behaving as part of the endocrine system , the scheme by which the body uses hormones to signal its needs
  3. Many in this movement point to a correspondence between the position and role of the chakras , and those of the glands in the endocrine system
  4. We hope our research could acquire more morphological evidences about the lung development and the mechanism of the endocrine system in lung
  5. Parallels have often been drawn , by supporters of the existence of chakras , between the positions and functions of the chakras , and of the various organs of the endocrine system


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