the forms of accounts中文

發音:   用"the forms of accounts"造句
  • 賬戶的格式
  • form:    n. 1.形態;形狀;樣子,外貌;【 ...
  • account:    n. 1.計算;賬;賬目;賬戶;計算 ...
  • forms:    窗體; 格式; 模板; 戰斗模式


  1. Then , after an analysis of audit contracts and audit demand , we discuss how to choose the form of business organization after the first reform in the audit profession by applying . agency theory . we think the form of accounting firm should be partnership - - - - - - llp or cp . it is the reason that there exist risk of audit agency and the characteristic of capital agency and the characteristic of capital composition in accounting firms
  2. The forth chapter has introduced the subject and object of accounting information market and also its scope , attributes and characteristics . the scope of it ' s object covers accounting information produced by accountant inside economic units and disclosed towards outside user in the forms of accounting documents


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