the holy office中文

發音:   用"the holy office"造句
  • n.宗教法庭集會
  • 宗教法庭集會
  • holy office:    (天主教的)宗教法庭。
  • office holy:    宗教審判廳
  • holy:    adj. 1.神圣的;神的;供神用的 ...


  1. The heretic in the hands of the holy office is safe from violence, is assured of a fair trial .
  2. It is faith in the power of jesus ' name , and in our right to use it , that will give us the courage to follow on where god invites us to the holy office of intercessors
  3. At charenton i watched them . - it seems so , stephen said , when he wants to do for him , and for all other and singular uneared wombs , the holy office an ostler does for the stallion
    “好像是的, ”斯蒂芬說, “為了這位貴族,并為所有其他特定的未被耕耘過的處女的胎, 335他想盡盡馬夫對種馬所盡的那種神圣職責。


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