threshing unit中文

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  • thresh:    vt.,vi. = thrash. ...
  • unit:    n. 1.個體,一個,一人。 2.( ...
  • threshing:    打谷, 脫粒; 打葉; 脫谷; 脫粒 ...
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  1. The air - flow field in the stripping unit can be adjusted easy by changing the rotation speed of fan which is benefit to reduce the grain losses , it was found during experiment that the cross - flow fan can diffuse some of mog ( material other of grain ) and diffuse it in a certain direction which is useful to satisfy the working condition for driver and lighten working load of the threshing unit of the combine harvester candidate and speciality : peng shengmin ; machinary design and theory supervisor : prof . zhang huiyou
  2. We used delphi language to develop a ga - bp neural network ' s simulation software in this paper , which implemented the thoughts of threshing performance modeling . using this simulation software , we gave a experiment on the speed - controlled threshing unit for wheat offered by the college engineering of luoyang , the result of test verified the feasibility of threshing performance modeling . in the end of this thesis , the application prospect and further research domains of ga - bp neural network are presented
    本文用delphi語言開發的模型仿真軟件實現了基于ga - bp算法的神經網絡用于對脫粒裝置性能模型進行優化的的思想,并利用該模型仿真軟件對洛陽工學院農機研究室1994年的小麥控速喂入脫粒裝置進行了性能建模仿真試驗,試驗結果驗證了該模型用于脫粒裝置性能建模研究的可行性。


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