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  1. It makes the deduction on design tidal level process more reasonable than ever . finally , taking into account the observed data of tidal level are much more integrated than observed data of tidal discharge and the correlative relationship are established based on large numbers of samples . then , the sub stage maximum tidal discharges and tidal velocities are obtained according to the regressive equations and the observed tidal level , and the sub stage design maximum tidal discharges and tidal velocities are estimated by way of frequency analysis
  2. The tidal current in the radial sandbanks area apparently has directional to - and - fro movement , which can be observed not only from tidal ellipses , but also from water particle traces . the calculated distribution of tidal velocity in this area shows that the average velocity is around 0 . 6 to 1 . 0 m / s
    平面潮流橢圓、水質點跡線、潮流流速特征研究表明,輻射狀沙脊群海域潮流具有明顯的定向往復流形式,平均潮流流速一般為0 . 6 1 . 0m s ,滿足形成潮流沙脊的水動力條件。


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