tides of time中文

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  • 時間之潮


  1. When numerous enterprises seek for the secret of longevity , the theory about core competence comes to the fore in order to follow the tides of times
  2. Development trend that a market personnel of three stars mean early , the appliance is an arithmetic figure direction , but the dvd completely is a vcd of in lieu of product , representing the video - disc machine is high to carry , the development direction of the arithmetic figure . therefore be absolute being state the earth gobble up the arithmetic figure television the dvd high tide of time , three stars display the world the section 1 to people to make to order for high and clear degree television to broadcast the , namely three stars dvd h d938
    三星一位市場人員早就表示,家電的發展趨勢是數字化方向,而dvd完全是vcd的替代產品,代表著影碟機高端數字化的發展方向。所以當神州大地席卷著數字電視高潮的時候,三星就向人們展示世界第一款為高清晰度電視定制的dvd播放器,即三星dvd h d938 。


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