transit as中文

發音:   用"transit as"造句
  • transit:    n. 通過,通行;渡越,飛越;運輸; ...
  • in transit:    串視在運輸中在航行中; 疊標串視; ...
  • in transit to:    馬來西亞和格林納達都有如果來證目的港 ...
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  1. Constructing the urban passenger transport hinge with the rail transit as main artery
  2. Question 18 : is the communication area connecting the new dalian railway station and rail transit as well as bus bay included in the 30000 square meter area of the new station
  3. Apec is now implementing its secure trade in apec region ( star ) initiative to enhance border controls , air and maritime transport security , and to protect people in transit as well as cargo
  4. Across these minute pools the reflected stars flitted in a quick transit as she passed ; she would not have known they were shining overhead if she had not seen them there - the vastest things of the universe imaged in objects so mean
  5. Authorized by the ministry of railways ( mor ) and sponsored by both the scientific and technological information research institute of mor and the engineering consultation co . , ltd . ( in beijing ) under china academy of railway sciences , the journal , operated in a new mode of media , shall focus on urban rail transit business , introduce the all - around aspects of the construction and operation experiences on such mass transit as metro systems and light rails at home and abroad , and report timely the related technologies and equipment as well as the hi - tech achievements in this field , in order to promote the academic seminar , technical exchange and international cooperation


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