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發音:   用"transmission agent"造句
  • 傳動系統
  • transmission:    n. 遞送;傳遞;傳達;傳染;移轉; ...
  • agent:    provocateur (pl. a ...
  • no transmission:    不傳輸; 無傳輸; 無發射


  1. 6 . it is researched that the theories and methods of coordination between information transmission agents . thus the efficiency of information transmission and information channel utilization is improved , and the quality of service is further enhanced
    6 .結合信息平臺的信息發送特點,研究了信息發送層的多個信息發送agent之間的協調理論和方法,進一步提高了信息發送的效率和信道資源的利用率,也提高了信息服務的服務質量。
  2. A continuous on - line monitor for volume deformation of cement - based material under multi - environment has been developed , which is designed with the environmental simulation technology , micro - distance measuring technology of laser and eddy current and the transmission agent and then realizes the automatic non - contact monitoring of the deformation of multi - group samples under multi - environment , furthermore , it is suitable to test the early - age deformation of the samples with the moulds self - designed


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