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  1. P style = " text - indent : 2em " > eth0 : transmit timed out , status 0000 , phy status 786d , resetting . . . eth0 : reset not complete yet . trying harder
    第一條提示網卡關送數據失敗.復位網卡.第二條提示網卡復位不成功. . . .這些提示都屬于嚴重的通信問題。
  2. Rating peak of tv in evening , to transmit time will it be one o ' clock and afternoon morning newspaper , quantity issued of newspaper very heavy , to it reads to be very extensive effectively newspaper
  3. This paper explains the bluetooth technology in detail , and designs the circuit and arithmetic of package composing , data error detection and correction , data whitening , receive / transmit routines , traffic control , receive / transmit timing , channel control and hop selection
  4. As a part of the project , some contents , problems and recent researches on networked control system are introduced in this paper first . in order to reduce the occupation of network bandwidth , a method which finds the maximum transmit time can guarantee the stability of discrete control system is presented . for the sake of studying the network ' s delay influence on control system , a networked control system experiment software scheme is put forward in the last part of the paper


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