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  1. The shift in frequency from transmitted waves gives the velocity of the eddies , which move along with the wind
  2. The system could measure certain distance with the reflected wave on condition in which the speed of transmitting wave is fixed
  3. In the transmitted wave , along with the extinction coefficient increment , the width of photonic bandgap is a gradual extension , the edge of photonic bandgap is a gradual faintness , when the extinction coefficient increases to 0 . 02 , there is already no obvious photonic bandgap
    在透射波中,隨著消光系數的增加,禁帶寬度逐漸擴大,禁帶邊緣逐漸模糊,當消光系數增加到0 . 02時,已經不存在明顯的能帶。
  4. In those experiments wave shapers have been utilized to modify the incident wave so that the condition of constant strain rate is satisfied more sufficiently . the effect of outer factors on the stress equilibrium of early stage in the specimen was analyzed , and the methods to improve the uniformity of stress in specimen at early stage were given . the elastic wave velocity of specimens can be determined by the wave shape fitting of the predicted transmitted wave with the measured transmitted wave at the early stage , furthermore , the shifting - time in shpb data processing can be determined


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